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As each Football season draws near, the excitement builds within me. Though my home team is always one of the worst in the NFL, I still have fantasy football to make the fall a wonderful time of the year. Is there anything better than watching a jarring hit that sends a helmet ten feet into the air? Is there anything more glorious than a quarterback threading the pigskin between two defenders for a touchdown? Is there anything more exciting than a running back breaking through the line and sprinting down the field? Oh it has been so long since I have seen these things in Detroit when it wasn't the opponents doing it. Yet even that can be exciting for me when it’s my own player who does it!

Inside each of the team’s personal pages there is a snippet about the more important players along with a link to the team’s official site. Yet by all means please take advantage of my player rankings before you leave. You will be hard pressed to find another cheat sheet that eliminates the biased opinions like you will find here. If you are interested in how we come about the lists we create, please click here.

Detroit Lions Fans - Growing up in Michigan, I have been a Lions fan my whole life. Through all of the losing seasons we have endured, I have stayed a Lions fan. If you are a Lions fan and would like to read my weekly article, just go to their team page and click on the link to the left.

We can all take a sigh of relief. Let the tension of the withdrawals go. Do you feel that? Do you smell it? That's right, the 2014 NFL Fantasy Football season is almost upon us.

Let us remember back to the end of last year. How good it felt to stand at the top of the fantasy mountain and look down at all of the other fantasy teams because we were the fantasy champions. Then again to approximately 95% of us out there, this is nothing but a fantasy. Only one team can win in each league, so likely you were one of the nine or eleven others who were looking up at the champ and shaking your fists at him.

Why was that though? Was it truly because of injuries and bad luck? Or did you trade players away before they got hot, or draft players who did not work out? As much as most of us would like to believe it was just bad luck or injuries, for most of us, we made mistakes whether in the draft or in our waiver moves or the stupid trades we made.

Perhaps you were not the ones looking up or the champ. Maybe this is your first year playing fantasy football. In this case I bid you welcome to the world of fantasy and wish you good luck in the season to come.

Whether you be a new fantasy football team owner or one of the 95%, you came to the right place. KenjasFantasySports will help you improve your chances of winning.

The Draft - I have heard it many times that it doesn’t matter how well or bad your draft turns out, you can still win if you make good trades, and waiver moves. This is true but miss-leading!

Sleepers- Every year there are players who perform at a much higher level than they were ranked in the drafts. Everyone wants to be the owner who drafts that player. These sleepers can save a team, make a team and lead a team to the promise land.

Killers - They are the players that fail to meet expectations. As the season rolls on, you grudgingly sit them on your bench, or play them while wishing you would have let someone else grab them instead.