Why Kenjas?

Why do we trust one expert’s personal opinion? If you go to ESPN.com, NFL.com, Yahoo Sports, Fox or one of the other top sports sites available on-line and use their cheat sheet, that's exactly what you are getting. One expert’s opinion on which players are best to worst. The problem with this is those experts are human and just as susceptible to biased opinions towards certain players as anyone else. This is where Kenjas comes in.

Here at Kenjas Fantasy Sports, I compare several experts lists, and eliminate the biased opinions, to get a more accurate fantasy cheat sheet than anyone else to help you make the right fantasy picks in your draft. Click here to learn more about my process.

Kenjas will not only offer unbiased player rankings but will offer articles giving advice on the secrets to making the right fantasy picks in your draft, trading and simply giving your team the best chance at winning while keeping it all fun. The best part is it is all free. So check out our player rankings (cheat sheets), NFL player ratings and read our articles and let us help prepare your upcoming draft. The most important thing to me is that you're happy with the information I give to you. I mean, I would hate to think all of this work goes to waste :o) One other favor I do ask, is that you place this page in your favorites. The more people who bookmark my site, the better it will look to Google.